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Our Activities

Green Alliance Women Group (GAWG) is committed to empower and ensure achieve the desired quality of live. The groups key areas of focus include capacity development and awareness raising; business development services; Human rights, capacity building and awareness campaigns, lobbying and advocacy; provision of protection services

Capacity Building and Awareness Campaigns

To promote the table banking initiative, GAWG has been undertaking capacity development to assist women beneficiaries in performing better in their business enterprises. Capacity development aims to enable self-sufficiency and long-term growth of women-owned businesses. GAWG will continue to provide capacity development services to women beneficiaries, as well as conduct awareness campaigns to improve women's knowledge of their human and women's rights. The capacity building will also provide knowledge on women's issues such as GBV, FGM, and VAWG, among others. GAWG efforts under this program are focused on mobilizing poor women and youth, as well as service integration and capacity building in entrepreneurship skills.

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Promoting Human Rights

in the community play a key role in the households and yet women are discriminated against by the majority of the communities and most of

them live below poverty line. Women and men have the right to equal treatment including the right to equal opportunities in political, economic, cultural and social spheres in the county. Despite the fact that Kenya's constitution promotes women's rights, they continue to face

several human rights challenges in nature, such as inequality, gender-based violence (GBV), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), reproductive health, and low educational levels, all of which affect their dignity and well- being. GAWG has been working to promote the well being of women through entrepreneurship support services - business development services (BDS) in the form table banking and building their capacities and skills on entrepreneurship supporting more than 2000 women since inception. The organization is aimed at supporting the elimination of VAWG, GBV and FGM. GWAG will conduct regular gender mainstreaming through sensitization for reducing gender-based

violence and to ensure gender equality and equity.

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Business Development Services

GAWG has been providing business development services in the form of table banking since inception in 2012. This also entails developing the women's capacities so that the funds can be used more effectively. The objective of table banking is used a fund-raising strategy where

women are coordinated to form groups for saving and borrowing money during meeting times. The objective of the strategy is to help the poor, particularly women, fight poverty and stay financially sound. Apart from teaching them how to use their financial resources properly, the training is aimed at equipping women entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills in fundamental financial planning and management principles as well as to ensure that they can plan, control, and analyze financial data for their small business initiatives.

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Lobbying and Advocacy

this will involve working within networking and alliance building with various stakeholders including the media, women protection/shelters institutions, legal referrals, women right organizations. GAWG will create awareness by educating the public about issues on women aimed at causing political action to benefit women at the county government level aimed at influencing the actions of decision-making processes involved in making policy. The issues include various discrepancies of equality in the policy frameworks as well as enable other institutions champion the issues dealing with women.

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Women livelihood empowerment

The activity will be accomplished through the mobilization of women,the generation of income, the formation of women's forums and

councils, and the development of capacity. This will be accomplished by organizing and mobilizing women's groups to empower them, allowing them to start small-scale businesses through empowerment programming. With the support of funding stakeholders, GAWG will

provide training and income generating activities (IGA) for selected vulnerable women, allowing them to access some income and thus livelihoods to support their households. GWAG will also assist women by providing farm inputs that will allow them to conduct subsistence farming that will benefit their households.

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Provision of Protection Services

the protection services will include supporting fairness issues such as reproductive health, violence, GBV and FGM. The protection service programming will be aimed at supporting those women disillusioned by violence and have no home. GAWG will identify the women and children at the community levels and recover them, then link them to shelter institutions. Working with relevant stakeholders, we shall fight women trafficking in our target areas.